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a blog with drawings of interesting businesses and places on Main Street, Winnipeg.

Month: April, 2013

1791 Main St. Newbridge Toy Shop

newbridge toys02

Welcome to the neighbourhood, new little toy shop! I wish you all the luck in the world. May you thrive and prosper.

circus sam01

Circus Sam the Balancing Man comes from the Newbridge Toy Shop. He’s very good at balancing and has a face that guarantees a smile.


1170 Main St. Blackletter Books


I remember having my cards read at Blackletter Books a number of years ago, and the reading was freakily accurate. Reassuring, actually. I felt understood. And now, years later, when I wanted to go back, it was closed. I stood on the sidewalk with my camera and memories and a woman walked up to me and said, “It’s closed, you know.” Then she walked away.

On the door, now barricaded behind an iron grate, was the word Welcome, and a painting of an old man holding a lamp. The Hermit, from the Tarot deck. I looked it up at home. Something about a journey and mysterious adventure. Withdrawing and returning.  I used to find him a little spooky, but now it was okay. Reassuring.

blackletter hermit_adj