1441 Main St. Safeway

by bevplett


It’s a fading old Safeway store, with shabby floors, and uncertain doors that creak open slowly as customers approach. Its big parking lot is handy for cars, but all in all, not pretty. What makes this store special, though, is that it’s the last operating Safeway store in Winnipeg with the ‘Marina-style’ design, characterized by the sweeping wave of the roof. Built in the early ’60’s, this store was modeled on the prototype store on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco. So wow, pretty cool. In its day, it was something.

I confess to going to the bigger stores for bigger shopping trips, but this is my go-to Safeway when I need to make a quick trip close to home. It’s a pretty good store. The people who work there are friendly. The produce is nicely arranged. There is a long-time employee named John who always says hello. I’ve heard that there will be new owners soon. May the marina roof and all the people who work under it wave on.